Dec 01 2006

This course has been fantastic for deaf drivers

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A group of deaf people are enjoying safer motoring after completing a driving course in Coventry.

Some 22 drivers aged 16 and upwards, completed practical and theory-based sessions on safe driving, basic car maintenance and road safety.

The course, run by Connexions and Motorvate UK, took place at Hearsall Common in Earlsdon – and has helped some of the group rip up their L-plates.

The sessions aimed to develop the drivers’ confidence and skills, and enable them to go on and take the official driving lessons and test, which five people have since passed. Continue reading “This course has been fantastic for deaf drivers”

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Apr 10 2006

Phil’s drive to develop motor skills

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Phil Moodie teaches young people about the fun and dangers of driving. And at the same time the man who likes to call himself Mr Motivator develops his students’ personal, communication and social skills, while also helping their numeracy and literacy abilities.

Phil Moodie of Motorvate.

Mr Moodie used to organise and run motor vehicle courses but wanted to work more with young people. Three years ago he launched Motorvate UK, a contender for the Coventry & Warwickshire Connexions and the Education Business Consortium-sponsored Evening Telegraph Investing in Young People award.

Motorvate, based in Upper Spon Street in the city centre, specialises in structured motor vehicle educational training courses. They can run anywhere in the country over a number of weeks, and pupils get a nationally-recognised certificate of education in motor vehicle and road user studies. Continue reading “Phil’s drive to develop motor skills”

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Dec 06 2005

Deaf youngsters get into drive mode

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DEAF and hearing impaired young people from Coventry and Warwickshire have graduated with honours from a course designed to hone their skills behind the wheel.

They turned up at Coventry Transport Museum to collect gold awards after completing a course financed by the European Social Fund.

Continue reading “Deaf youngsters get into drive mode”

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Nov 01 2005

Radford young people gain new skills

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A variety of exciting projects are being run for young people who are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour in Radford.
Nicola Holmes, the Senior Youth Worker for Radford; Police Inspector Graham Cramp, Radford Sector and Community Safety Officer, Therese Ball secured funding from West Midlands Police and North West Area Co-ordination to enable a group of young people to become involved in an intensive personal and social development programme. Continue reading “Radford young people gain new skills”

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Jun 02 2005

Driving force gears up for new classes

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YOUNG deaf learner drivers have been given a helping hand to move into the fast lane by youth advisory service Connexions.

Staff at Connexions have set up a series of driving awareness classes for deaf people in Warwickshire in partnership with motor education centre Motovate UK. Continue reading “Driving force gears up for new classes”

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Jun 01 2005

YAG Youngsters Reach Top Gear

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Members of the North West Youth Action Group (YAG) have been in the driving seat and learnt the rules of the road thanks to a 10 week course designed to teach driving and road safety to those aged over 17.

Each Saturday the group meets at Radford Road Fire Station and has driving lessons out on the roads as well as learning all about car maintenance and how to be a good driver.

Siobhan O’Rynn aged 18 said: “I am learning all about the different aspects of driving such as road safety and the cost of keeping a car as well as doing driving lessons which I would not be able to afford otherwise.”

“Being on the driving course has been really great,” said 23 year-old Sally Pollock. “It has really helped me as I want to drive a car of my own but money hasn’t been easy.”

Nile Kassar aged 19 added: “This course is a great learning experience. It definitely gets a thumbs up!”

Published by the North West News, June 2005


Mar 01 2005

New courses pave the way for safer road use

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Coventry kids are learning road safety the clever way thanks to a series of new courses being offered by a local company.

Motorvate UK, based in Spon Street, works with secondary schools and youth clubs to educate children aged 14 plus on their social and personal responsibilities as road users. Continue reading “New courses pave the way for safer road use”

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Jan 20 2005

New project is set to promote road safety

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A PRE-DRIVING project to raise the road awareness of 14-year-olds in Coventry is giving them excellent road sense and a responsible attitude, according to Connexions personal adviser Jackie Wilson.

The Motorvate course is being run at Barrs Hill School and Community College for about ten pupils.

It is funded by the Learning and Skill’s Council’s (LSC) Local Initiative Fund and supports the LSC’s aims to ensure all people, especially those from under represented groups, have an equal chance to learn. Continue reading “New project is set to promote road safety”

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Jan 06 2000

Youth in the driving seat for 10 weeks

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Bored teenagers are learning all about cars and how to use them safely, in a project designed to heip keep them out of trouble.
The 10-week confidence-boosting programme, called the Momentum Initiative, is targeting 13 to 19-year-olds who may be excluded from school or are at risk of offending. Continue reading “Youth in the driving seat for 10 weeks”


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